Shopping Spy Nov 11

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Italians are well known for their great sense of style and DiGuardo is no exception. You might think DiGuardo is just another Notting Hill boutique but it definitely is not. The selection on the rails is well edited with a great variety of newcomer labels you would usually only find at Libertys or Browns.

Looking at Letizia, the owner, you know where the tasteful picks come from. I want to have everything she wears. Her looks are sophisticated, cool with an edge, feminine and scream must-have.

DiGuardo features fashion and jewellery made by independent designers from the US and Europe. A lot of pieces are handmade or one-offs thanks to the use of natural materials.

Kaori Okumura is one such label with a collection of beautiful chunky knits. The sort that look amazing with delicate fabrics or to snuggle up on cold winter days. Kaori only uses her fingers to produce each garment and knits them around a mannequin. You can’t get anything more unique than that!

Or Mellabella with the so called ‘perfect’ dress, a silk crepe dress that will transform a female body – no matter what shape – into a prefect silhouette!

When I was at the shop I was totally smitten by new Swedish designer Cecilia Hammarborg and her bunny blouse with a gun-sparrow print. Guess who was wearing it?!

But there is so much more to discover and to style-steal from Letizia.

This shop was spied by: Kristina

Shopping Spy - DiGuardo boutique